Startup Kickstarting Hub

We see The Conquest as a home for creative minds and a wonderful platform; where people who believe, respect, and see the vision can support an idea and make it a reality.

Don’t be afraid of shooting for the stars

A project we advise on, sponsor, or co-found does more than raise money. It builds community around your work.

From innovative new apps, services, and products to bitcoin trading and property investment projects, creative programmers and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs can now use The Conquest and its co-founding stake in Silicon Roundabout to bring ambitious ideas to life.

You have a dream: we know business

Our experience in business, led by the creative mind of our driven CEO, Francesco Perticarari will help good ideas turn into successful startups. We’ll happily work with any determined person whose idea, team or both are worth betting on.

How do you know if mine is a worthy idea?

Come tell us!

Don’t be afraid: the worst thing that can happen is that we cen give you constructive feedback. We really are a friendly bunch.

And if I just don’t really know what’s best for me and my future?

Well surely you’ve got some skills. So why don’t you get in touch? Before you know it, you could be quickly teamed up with a group of awesome guys that has an amazing idea but was looking for someoe just like you to bring it to life .

Why us

We are currently already investing some of our cashflow into Software Development research and we are a partner in Silicon Roundabout: the largest tech community in London where Startups pitch every month for funding, feedback, and exposire.

We are also a hub managing an expanding property investment firm that is already managing an asset backed porfolio worth over a million pound.

Before going into property and then deciding to start The Conquest, Francesco has successfully worked in sales, management, started and sold a non-tech startup, and co-created a major community project for the former probation services in the South East of England. Now, with The Conquest, his dream and ambition is to help your dreams come true.

So what do I do next?

Get in touch. It’s as simple as sending us an email with your name, contact phone number and a brief description of who you or your team are, what your skills are and what your idea is.

Don’t worry, this is not an interview! There is no wrong format. Just make a first little step towards your future: we’ll take care of the rest.