Invest with us

We own a property company whose main purpose is to redevelop and manage properties as a long and medium term investment.

We see real estate as a solid asset to store value in a safe manner whilst giving us a high net return. This way we make sure that we can always offer an asset backed backdrop for investors who join us or sponsor one of our backed projects.

We also help startups develop and offer opportunities to invest at an early stage.

The property portfolio itself, the associated management service company, and the project management fees provide us with our main source of cashflow. This way we keep our business sustainable.

For more info about our property investments or contact us for a potential joint venture in the field, visit our property company’s website: AGAPE Properties – Investing in property made easy.

For people who want higher returns on their savings but don’t have huge sums to invest, we give the chance to lend funds for property or startup projects with asset backed securities.

It really is a no brainer to enjoy 6% to 10% a year interest with us, when your average ISA gives you less than the inflation rate.

For more information about investing with us: