Bullish Crypto-market blesses our investors

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It’s been quite of a summer so far and our investors are already profiting from their choice to invest with us.

By investing in the right assets and diversifying our portfolio, we have locked in growth from both solid property purchases and volatile cryptocurrencies.

The picture above is an activity report for one of our latest acquisitions: a micro investment in the currency OMG – £100 is quickly becoming £1000. 

On the other side of the spectrum we have large holdings in the UK property market that, whilst slower in appreciation, are also backing up the growth of our portfolio. 

Below: a report from one of the areas where we joint ventures with less experienced investors and are already gaining value before even starting to lay a brick.

Whilst may people may warn that these numbers are the signal for a bubble approaching the bursting point, we are confident that they are just the beginning of a long term growth.

Blockchain is here to stay: this technology is a true market disruptor and cryptoassets are not going to disappear because they make sense! Microsoft, Santander, and thousand more new businesses each month are realising their potential and embracing them.

London property is also an asset whose demand fuels a natural value appreciation. With a caveat. Exhausted areas where price growth has completely outstripped wage levels and where foreign investors falter because of Brexit, are destined to a halt or a correction. Kensington or Westminster come to mind.

Thankfully for our partners, we have never got the market wrong and so far have successfully ridden the wave in the commuter City of Brighton (South of London) and the London Borough of Croydon (Zone 5). Now the market is proving us right once again in Woolwich (SE London).

If you want to know more about how you too can make wealthy returns without the stress of making the market research yourself and actively managing property construction teams or day-trades, drop us an email.

We will be delighted of introducing you without any obligation to our range of joint venture opportunities or asset-backed high-yield loans. 

Happy investing,


Francesco Perticarari is a London based Italian entrepreneur. His main goal is to provide long term wealth for his family and his joint venture partners through smart and bespoke investments. He co-hosts the Holborn Property Meet  and runs his property redevelopment company AGAPE.