The right time to try cryptocurrencies

If you were waiting for a dip before giving a go to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, then maybe you should have a look at the market now.

Even better, if you felt -like we did-that the probability of a price trough  during the night was considerable, you should have placed a limit order on a Bitcoin exchange -like we did.

This morning we have more bitcoin than what we had yesterday, and if the price surges again after finding support, we shall enjoy another successful “buy low and sell high”.

Sometimes people forget that at the end of the day, the first rule of making money is just that simple trivial truth: whether it’s property (real estate), commodities, digital currencies or products for an online shop. 

From selling fruit and vegetables to running a property business, I have seen that all you really need to succeed in a business is sticking to simple rules and then have the nerves and cool temper to take action in accordance with them. 

Unfortunately, lack of experience and emotions often blur our vision and lead us to make wrong calls. That too is part of the game. If you avoid to risk what you are not prepared to lose and learn how to control your mind, you can learn from these mistakes and move on to grow bigger and stronger. Then you get bolder and more confident. Then you win bigger!

So if you are there thinking “shall I invest?”, “shall I buy cryptos?”, “shall I buy properties?”, then the answer is YES: as long as you have studied your chosen field and you know from the start what is your strategy to turn that purchase into profit!

Never forget common sense rules, know what you are buying and the market you are entering, and ultimately just take the leap and try your luck. It’s going to be hard work and nerve wrecking but it’s a journey well worth taking.

As for ourselves, here at The Conquest Group, we will continue to do what we have been always doing: investing to grow our own portfolio, or partnering up with investors willing to leverage our knowledge to achieve better returns on their money.

If you want ask me any question about what we are actually up to these days, or simply want to connect feel free to drop me a line at or message me on LinkedIn.

Best of luck with your investment journey!

Francesco Perticarari is a London based Italian entrepreneur whose main goal is to provide long term wealth for his family and his joint venture partners through smart and bespoke investments. He co-hosts the Holborn Property Meet and runs his property redevelopment company AGAPE Properties. When he is not busy working he enjoys fitness training, mindfulness practicing and -of course- cooking.